FIRST AIRED: July 20, 2016

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>> Brits are being told they've got a new Prime Minister to make the UK work for everyone. But do Teresa May's counterparts on the continent think this will work for them? Well, one of the first cabinet choices, Boris Johnson for Foreign Secretary, might be a bit awkward. The Brexiteer criticized in the EU for how he campaigned to leave, one German newspaper describing it as an example of British humor.
But the task facing Theresa May isn't exactly a laughing matter. She's the remain campaigner supposed to deliver Brexit for Britain. After serving as UK Home Secretary for six years, Brussels bureau chief Alastair Macdonald says Theresa May is well known on the EU circuit.>> One of the things that really stands out about people's memories and awareness of Theresa May in Brussels is her ability in the early part of her mandate in negotiating a number of special deals for Britain in the area of home affairs, criminal justice.
>> A shrewd and proven negotiator at home and abroad, that may be tested during her first official summit with EU leaders in October.>> Of course, there are the inevitable comparisons with Angela Merkel, the German chancellor. They are going to be siting on opposite sides of the table in these Brexit negotiations, but there are similarities.
Of course, they have some similar career and a personal stories. They're both pastor's daughters. Both grew up in the provinces of their country that came in as little-known underdogs to some extent into government.>> Merkel has already phoned May, inviting her for talks in Berlin and saying she looked forward to working together.
But May's honeymoon might not last all that long. Key EU figures have been welcoming her appointment, but in the same breath push for answers on when Britain will trigger Article 50.