FIRST AIRED: July 1, 2016

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>> A fatal car accident has the Federal Government probing Tesla. Elon Musk's revolutionary car company is under investigation because the crash involved it's Model S while the car was auto pilot mode. Because both the success of Tesla and the idea of self driving cars have captivated Silicon Valley.
The news had caused shockwaves. In a blog post, Tesla says the driver, a 40 year old former Navy Seal, was killed by a white tractor trailer crossing the roadway in front of him. Reuter's Alexandria Sage says there have been some problems that have flummoxed engineers and those might have been to blame.
>> Because of what appears, a combination of the bright sun light, and the white facade of the truck, as it crossed perpendicularly into the highway. The autopilot system didn't recognize this obstacle and the Model S actually went under the trailer.>> Musk released Autopilot in October but made changes a few months later.
After a series of online videos were posted documenting people using the system recklessly. Tesla warns that drivers must continue to pay attention while using the system. The company's come under fire from traditional automakers for its move first, fix later approach.>> It operates like a technology company, meaning that you put out a product to the market, and you update it, and you perfect it.
Subsequently, it's the classic beta model. But your traditional car makers say that's not good enough. Because we're dealing with a car, we're dealing with something that could have actual fatalities.>> Tesla stressed in its blog post on the crash that this is the first fatality in 130 million miles driven using autopilot.
That compares with a fatality every 94 million miles among all cars in the US.