FIRST AIRED: July 2, 2016

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>> Well, the GOP has a slick futuristic stage ready for it's convention, what it's missing is actual people willing to give speeches from it. Political correspondent Ginger Gibson says Donald Trump's troubles uniting the party are also hindering plans for a convention that's just two weeks away.>> Given the tumultuous nature of this primary and the fact that Donald Trump is the most out of the box nominee we've seen in a long time, has left him far behind schedule in getting all of the pieces together.
In a normal convention you would see all of the rising stars and who's who of the party, vying for speaker spots. But this time the normal ones that you would think would be there, members of the Senate, other prominent Republicans in the party, up and coming governors, saying they're not really interested.
>> Despite the lagging support, Trump is insisting on running the convention his way.>> Normally the Republican party plans the convention out, and then once there's a nominee just able to slide into the process and Donald Trump wants to rip the playbook up and do things that are totally different than have ever been done before.
He has said that he wants to see an entire night with no politicians at all and performances from musical groups and is looking for sports figures to speak at this event. Bobby Knight, the well known college basketball coach, who stumped for Donald Trump during the primary, has said he will participate in the convention.
Donald Trump's camp is hoping that if people are intrigued by the lineup, or intrigued that he's doing something different, then stuffy boring political speeches, you might get some of those undecided or barely engaged voters to pay attention.>> Another problem for the GOP, big companies like Apple and Coca-Cola are pulling back from donating to the Convention.
Afraid of tying their brand to Trump who has been criticized for his comments about Muslims and Hispanics. Trump has also said he may unveil his running mate during the convention, hoping to generate more buzz and an event shaping up to be as unpredictable as the nominee himself.