FIRST AIRED: July 16, 2016

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>> After the violence came the crackdown. Thousands of people were arrested in Turkey on Saturday after an attempt to overthrow the government. Those loyal to President Tayyip Erdogan, maintaining control all through a night of bloodshed. The incident raising fears that civil liberties could be suppressed in response Reuters says a firm stance is likely to be taken.
>> Judging by public statements from senior Turkish politicians, the response to this attempted coup is going to be very tough. Already close to 3000 members of the military have been detained and more operations are underway. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim when asked about it seem to sort of rule out a return of the death penalty.
It was the AK party that abolished it in the first place. But what he did say was Turkey will look into new laws to give harsher penalties and deter people from doing this sort of thing.>> In recent months, the government has come down hard on journalists, academics, and the LGBT community.
Critics accuse President Erdogan of stifling dissent. And those leading the coup attempt said his government is eroding democracy and secularization. But the president commands the loyalty of millions of Turks, who see him as a beacon of stability>> Throughout this episode, he has been presented as a leader who stepped up, who's brought his country through a time of crisis.
Who protected the nation from something that would have changed the course of history, who actually stood up for democracy.>> But what are the implications beyond Turkey's borders? The NATO member is a big player in the fight against Islamic State. Internal destabilization could affect efforts against the militants, and any perceived overreaction to events of this weekend could jeopardize Turkey's EU membership aspirations.