FIRST AIRED: July 2, 2016

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>> A view over London as thousands gather to show their affection for Europe.>> We love you, EU! We love you->> It's just over a week since the British public filed for divorce. But residents of the capital voted to remain with a 60% majority, putting them at odds with much of England and Wales.
>> The organizers are calling it march for Europe. A plot in a bid to reject the 52% majority win for Brexit. But many here feel they have no support in Westminster.>> I want my country back. And I wanna know how we're gonna get it back.
We haven't got any leaders here. There's no politicians here. There's nobody leading us. If we're the home of democracy, parliamentary democracy, well they gotta give us a general election. They can't just push this through saying, the people have spoken. Because the people have been lied to.>> It is absolutely disgraceful that-
>> Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was once known as a protest politician, but when it came to crashing out of the European Union, a majority in his party felt he didn't protest hard enough. His deputy Tom Watson this weekend calling for members to back off as a leadership election with Jeremy Corbyn's standing would do untold damage to the party, he says.
The leader of the opposition is staunch in his refusal to give in to the coup. Meanwhile, the conservatives are divided over who to back for prime minister. Some touting Andrea Leadsom, who says a true Brexiteer should take charge. Many taking that as a swipe at frontrunner Theresa May.
] Great Britain!>> Little wonder then that people here feel rudderless.