FIRST AIRED: July 5, 2016

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>> It's taken 7 years, but an official UK probe into the 2003 Iraq war is finally set to report. The Chilcot inquiry due to present it's findings on Wednesday. It was set up in 2009 to examine the British government's conduct of the conflict. In particular, did ministers lie to the public about the reasons for going to war?
In Westminster, I'm Reuters reporter Julian Satterthwaite. The Chilcot inquiry offering various justifications for the amount of time it's taken. Principal among them, the fact that they simply underestimated the size of the task. Some 150,000 documents reviewed as part of the process. That's resulted in a final report thought to total about 2.5 million words.
Were about five times the length of The Lord of the Rings. Reg Keys has campaigned for answers since his 20 year old son was killed fighting for Britain. He says ministers were lying when they said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction ready for use. Keys believes the war was thus unnecessary and his son's death needless.
He points the finger at then-Prime Minister Tony Blair.>> For me, he's walked through the doorway with impunity at the moment. He actually debated longer on banning fox hunting than what we did on going to war with Iraq. For me, that's nonsense. Is there grounds there to take this from illegally?
Is it a war crime? There is evidence in John's report that may indicate that it is all crime that he's guilty of directing of duty, or misuse of office, and maybe that's something that might be appropriate to look at.>> Right.>> Key's likely to be disappointed. Media reports say Chilcot won't assign blame or guilt to anyone individual.
Even so the report finally arrives at a feverish time in British politics. It is unlikely to lower the temperature.