FIRST AIRED: July 11, 2016

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>> My case has been based on three things. First, the need strong proven leadership to steer us through what will be difficult and uncertain economic and political times. The need, of course, to negotiate the best deal for Britain in leaving the EU and to forge a new role for ourselves in the world.
>> Brexit means Brexit, and we're going to make a success of it.>> Earlier in the day, the Home Secretary launched her pitch for the role. Her path to Number Ten was then cleared by Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom. She dropped out of the race after MP's supporting her was sent scurrying for cover after a weekend of bad press.
Party officials confirming the one horse race was won. And Prime Minister, David Cameron, announcing he'll resign to make way for the new boss much earlier than thought.>> We'll have a new Prime Minister in that building behind me by Wednesday evening.>> But May's win without a wider vote could spark calls for a snap election, according to Reuters UK senior correspondent Mike Holden,
>> She's ruled that out, in fact, all the Conservative candidates said there shouldn't be a snap general election but the pressure may grow for that.>> She would be the second female British Prime Minister following in the footsteps of pro-European Margaret Thatcher, May though will oversee the UK's divorce from the EU.
>> Together, we will build a better Britain. Thank you.>>