FIRST AIRED: July 11, 2016

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>> Britain's embattled labor party are now fighting on two fronts. Angela Eagle announcing a bid to oust leader Jeremy Corbyn, triggering a leadership vote.>> I wouldn't do this if I didn't think I had something to offer to bring our party and our country back together.
>> And the party calling for a snap general election to decide the next British Prime Minister but first, they need to get their house in order. Former Shadow Cabinet member Aigo pitching herself as a unity candidate. Reuters correspondent, Will James says, at the moment nobody even knows who will be on the labour ticket.
>> Jeremy Corbin may not even be able to get on the ballot paper and defend his position as leader of the party. There's a question of interpretation over the party rules as to whether he's automatically on the ballot paper or whether he has to go to the party and secure enough nominations.
Now if it's the latter, it's pretty unclear that he has enough support within the elected labor party to get those nominations and get on the ballot paper.>> The notion that things are moving fast in Westminster, a bit of an understatement. Within just seven minutes Monday, labor have briefed on receiving enough nominations to trigger their own leadership election and that the Conservative Theresa May now unchallenged as the next Prime Minister, must face the public in a snap nation wide vote.
>> This leadership election is going to be framed very much by the prospect of another general election, a national election to decide a government. Angela Eagle made that clear in her speech today. She thinks she's the one who can present Labour in a way that they would get into power.
>> May has said she won't hold an election until 2020, but that was before her rival Andrea Leadsom dropped out. Labor are now arguing she's lost that mandate, as May has not been voted in by her party. And in their own words, the whole of Labour is being put on a general election footing, even if we still don't know who'll be taking those steps.