FIRST AIRED: July 1, 2016

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>> It cost the PM his job. The country its top notch sovereign rating, and whacked the pound. But one week on from the Brexit vote, many people across England are still delighted. Here in Chelmsford-Essex, 53% of the population voted to leave the EU. I'm Reuters reporter Mia Reakes here in the city center where market stalls are thriving.
It seems there's very little concern over the recent Brexit vote. And most of the people I've spoken to certainly didn't seem to regret their decision either.>> For the man on the street, the working class man, you know, they've had enough of being infiltrated. People have had enough of foreign people coming into the UK and breaking the borders, and I think most people just want to get the borders back.
>> There's little sign of the remorse that politicians and pundits have been alluding too since the vote. A Regrexit hashtag may be trending on Twitter, but of the dozens of people I spoke to, an overwhelming majority was steadfast in their decision.>> The EU has grown to a scale now which is totally out of the original thinking.
And we've got people coming from Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary.>> These are not natural Europeans in my view, and people get very little in common with. I'm very concerned opening that door to 50, 60 million people potentially from Turkey.>> On top of immigration concerns, any economic warnings from the in camp also failing to dampen the mood.
>> We had to take control over our fish again. And we'll be able to have write quotas and things like that, and people to land fish in our country. So hopefully it'll bring quotas down a little bit.>> This positive attitude widespread.>> We deserve now to have our own country back and make our own decisions.
And while it was good having the opinions of all the other countries in the EU, but now it's time to stand on our own two feet. We are our own country, and we've just got to do it now. For residents here, the economic and political turmoil ahead is the price of long term returns and for the 17,000,000 who wanted out, they believe the great in Britain should not be underestimated.
>> Everybody wants to fail up Britain, everybody wants to beat Britain, everybody wants to beat Britain at sport, it's because we got nerves, we got guts, and we got resolve, and I think those things will get us through.