FIRST AIRED: July 12, 2016

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>> It's not hard to see what the star attraction is at this years Farnborough Air Show. Two years after it was supposed to make its debut, the F-35 is finally here. And it seems it's worth the wait.>> I'm Reuters reporter Ivor Bennett at the Farnborough Air Show where flying the F-35 has been likened to go inside Tony Stark's Iron Man suit.
It's one of the most powerful aircraft ever made, one of the most technologically advanced, but also one of the most expensive. At over $100 million a jet, it's the Pentagon's most expensive arms program. But then again, not every plane can do this.>> They've said that they're driving down costs and by the end of the decade, an F-35 will be as cheap as an older generation fighter, but with all this modern, new capability.
>> The UK government certainly seems to agree. It's said it'll buy 48 Jump Jets by 2023, before expanding to an eventual fleet of 138. The special relationship, clearly still special despite Brexit.>> The United States and the UK were partners, going back to World War I, World War II, so that is not going to change.
>> The show of solidarity is not just for the UK. The US Air Force Chief of Staff said last week the display flights are meant as a signal of NATO's intent in the region. And it'll play well at home too, given the project's delays and budget problems.