FIRST AIRED: July 9, 2016

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I will kick the un-living crap out of you.>> An all female cast for the new Ghostbusters drawing a lot of criticism online. The hatred so intense when the first trailer was released it eventually became the most disliked trailer on YouTube. Users on Twitter posting comments like quote, can we hit the one million dislikes?
Let's make history and kill feminism. The cast of Ghostbusters now reacting to the online haters.>> I did not respond well
might have tweeted out my address to a couple of people to come see me.>> I just don't read any of that stuff. I always feel like it can't, if it can't improve me I try to not let things just tear me down I'm like, it's not gonna make me a better mom, it's not gonna make me a better person.
>> You can provide a real service>> According to director Paul Feig, the new film addresses something fundamentally wrong with mainstream cinema.>> I just think it's just time for women to get to establish themselves in these big leading roles that are three dimensional. Either they have to be shown as the shrew, or they have to be shown as the perfect one, and why do guys get to be fully three dimensional and women don't?
So whatever it takes to even the playing field, that's what I'm for.>> And in case you need more convincing.>> You know what I say? I say come see the movie. If you still don't like it, we're so sorry. But you gotta come see the movie right?
>> Just come and see it, even if you're gonna hate on it.>> You gotta come.>> Get some popcorn. Strawberry soda. Get some Twizzlers.>> Ghostbusters premieres on the big screen around the globe starting July 14th.>> Don't piss off the ghost.