FIRST AIRED: July 9, 2016

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>> Barack Obama in Warsaw on Friday to attend his last NATO summit as U.S. President. It was supposed to be all about the alliances' response to Russia, but Brexit gets into everything nowadays.>> I have absolute confidence that the UK and the European Union will work together in a pragmatic and cooperative fashion to ensure that the UK's transitions orderly and smoothly.
>> Obama says Brexit won't split NATO. That reassurance, coming as the alliance agrees new measures to deter Russian aggression, up to 4,000 troops to be stationed in eastern Europe as part of the plan. With his European affairs at Interpol, Taylor was there as the deal was signed.>> Intended to send the message that NATO is determined to defend its members all the way up to the Russian boarder, the Baltic States, and Poland in particular, which have alarmed since Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine two years ago, and have been demanding a permanent NATO military presence.
>> Some signs now that Russia would like to see tensions ease. It's agreed to hold talks with NATO after the summit. Alliance chiefs also looking for a way to live with Moscow.>> The chairman of NATO's military committee said this morning that in fact Russia one has to get used to the idea that Russia is going to be a competitor, an adversary, a peer, and a partner.
All four of those at the same time.>> Obama, too, calling for dialogue with Russia, but also urging allies to maintain sanctions on Moscow until it fully complies with a cease-fire deal in Ukraine. Though there's hopes of a thaw, the new Cold War is still pretty chilly.