FIRST AIRED: July 5, 2016

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>> 17 people jailed in Turkey for causing this attack in Istanbul, 11 of them, foreigners. Three suicide bombers blew themselves up at Ataturk airport last week killing forty five and injuring hundreds. President Erdogan firmly pointing the finger at Islamic State militants from the ex Soviet Union, including suspects from Dagestan, a mainly Muslim province of Russia's North Caucasus region and Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, two former Soviet states in Central Asia.
Washington's Deputy Bureau Chief Dave Dolan explains why this is significant.>> It does sort of give the lie to this idea that Islamic State is exclusively operating in places like Syria and Iraq, etc. It's showing us their ability to draw militants from Russia and indeed the former former USSR.
>> The arrests bring the total number of people jailed pending trial to 30. The suspects are denying links to the bombers and the allegations against them, at least two of them said to be Russian nationals. Russia and Turkey support opposing sides in the Syrian conflict, but recently frosty relations between them have thawed over the need to fight their common foe.
>> I don't think there is going to be a case where Turkey is going to be pointing at Russia and saying this is all your fault. I don't think it's going to worsen relations. If anything I think it sort of gives a further sense of urgency and immediacy to the need to sort of patch things up, and share more information.
>> The authorities so far releasing a little information about those behind bars, but the organizer, a suspected Chechen double amputee, identified on a UN sanctions list as an IS leader, responsible between Russian speaking militants. The few facts that have emerged from state media or media outlets that are very close to the government.