FIRST AIRED: July 9, 2016

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The Bange, Tea With Sandwich and PSquare. You may not have heard of them but those in Lagos nightclubs certainly have. These are the artists that have helped to make Nigeria music scene a major cultural export.>> My name is Alexis I'm the Senior Nigeria correspondent. And I reporting from an off market night club in a classy in Lagos called, Lucky.
And I 'm here because I'm reporting on what's is essentially now a global phenomenal. That's Nigeria's music scene. As Nigeria's struggling economy heads towards a possible recession, many are looking to its music for solace, with some seeing it as a possible source of much needed revenues.>> I didn't have a record deal.
I didn't have anybody to help me push my music out there. So what did we do?>> The country already has one of the biggest film industries in the world and now musicians who've created a sound known as Afro Beats have developed fan bases across Africa, the UK and even the US.
This year one of Nigeria's most popular, artist, Wiz Kid, reached the top of a US chart in a collaboration with the rapper Drake. And the Nigerian radio station BEAT FM has launched its first UK offshoot. Right now, most of the money made from music here comes from mobile ringtone downloads.
While the global music industry struggles with illegal downloads, Nigeria's government is looking for ways to crack down on bootleggers and cash in. But as the majority of the country's workforce forms part of the informal economy, this solution may be a slow burner.