FIRST AIRED: July 7, 2016

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>> Conservative MPs choosing their final contenders for Britain's top job at number ten.>> Number of electors, 330.>> Theresa May now going head to head with Andrea Leadsom in a race to become Prime Minister. The Home Secretary still the front runner with 199 votes. But it's not clear whether she has the same level of support in the wider party, according to Reuters UK political correspondent, Will James.
>> It will be decided by whether there's a desire for the party to have stability and the kinda steady hand on the tiller that she brings. And that's her pitch, or whether they want change. A lot of the Conservatives voted for Britain to leave the EU. And Theresa May was on the other side of that argument.
>> As the longest serving home secretary in 100 years, May is the most experienced candidate. A senior MP caught on camera earlier this week, describing her as bloody difficult but not as difficult as Margaret Thatcher.>> Brexit means Brexit.>> May, now up against leading Brexiteer Andrea Leadsom.
She was forced to publish a revised CV on Wikipedia, some claiming she'd exaggerated her roles in the city, in her pitch for PM.>> It's a little embarrassing to have to go back and edit your CV and kind of play down some the claims in it. But talking to people at her speech, they're not that bothered by it.
I mean one of the responses I got was who hasn't polished their CV a little?>> Michael Gove ending the Tory boys hope. His decision to cross his Brexit ally Boris Johnson backfiring. May and Leadsom will now need to convince 150,000 conservative party members. The country's fate could rest on the choice of this very small electorate.