FIRST AIRED: July 5, 2016

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>> The final moments in the cockpit of Egypt Air Flight 804 just before it crashed into the Mediterranean, captured on voice recordings. Sources telling Reuters Tuesday, the audio indicates the pilots were trying to fight a fire that broke out in the front section of the jet. Reuters Aerospace correspondent Al Scott.
>> We now know they were aware of the fire And they were taking steps to try to extinguish it. So that's a lot more information than we had previously from the data recorders. We've also found some debris previously that had signs of high temperature and soot. So that it was clear that there was some kind of fire, but it wasn't clear what the pilots had done.
The last sign off they had with the control tower was routine. A few minutes before, there was no indication of a problem.>> Flight 804 plunged into the sea on its way from Paris to Cairo on May 19th. All 66 people on board were killed. Earlier analysis of the Airbus A320's data recorder showed there had been smoke in the bathroom in the avionics bay, where electronic equipment is stored.
Sources on the investigative committee have only just begun to analyze the voice recorder, which had been sent to Paris for repairs and did not provide full transcripts of the audio. Authorities are now analyzing the recordings for what specifically might have caused the fire.>> There are more than a dozen companies that make components that go into the avionics system of a plane.
So any of that. And it's also near the forward lavatory, which also could have been a problem. You don't know where the fire started, you don't know what it was. Nothings been ruled out, but this further evidence that the crew was aware of fire tends to point more towards some sort of technical fault than sabotage.
>> Almost immediately after the crash, speculation began running rampant over what caused it. Presumptive GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeting that day, it was yet another terrorist attack. But more than six weeks later and even with the help of recordings, investigators are far from concluding that terrorism was involved.