FIRST AIRED: July 6, 2016

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>> Hillary! Hillary!>> President Obama's campaign cheers for Hillary Clinton just a down payment on what's shaping up as an all in commitment by Obama to see Clinton sworn in as the nation's 45th president. Obama making his first campaign outing on her behalf at Tuesday's rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, eight years after their bruising primary battle set up Obama's historic election as the first African American president.
>> Are you fired up?>> Steve Holland says the legendary campaigns skills that took him to the White House now being seen as key to lighting a bonfire for Clinton in 2016.>> Hillary got me fired up.>> Obama can help Secretary Clinton by just getting people excited about her.
I think at this point in her campaign, Hillary Clinton does not generate a lot of enthusiasm. She's seen as a very competent person, but she's a fairly lackluster candidate. President Obama is a very enthusiastic, energetic candidate on the campaign trail. If he can transfer some of that energy to her, it will be a big help to her.
Not as red states and blue states but as the United States.>>
>> A solid record on the economy and respectable, if not stellar, poll numbers have left Obama that rare incumbent president who is openly embraced by the nominee to succeed him.>> In the year 2000, Al Gore did not want Bill Clinton out campaigning for him.
In 2008, John McCain did not necessarily want to see George W. Bush out there campaigning for him. There was a bad economy that year. Bill Clinton was tainted by the various scandals. They saw no reason to be associated with them out on the trail, but in this case, Hillary Clinton is very eager to have Obama out there with her.
>> I know Hillary can do the job.