FIRST AIRED: July 5, 2016

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>> It's one month to go before the Olympic Games kick off here in Rio de Janeiro. I'm Stephen Eisenhammer, reporting for Reuters News, in front of the Olympic Stadium, where the athletics will be held in 30 days' time. I've just come out of a press conference where Mayor Eduardo Paes, who's really the main activator, the main guy behind the Olympic Games, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, was explaining and defending the legacy of the Games and what the Games will really represent.
He said that everything's going to turn out absolutely fine. He said the negatives will always be there. Rio is a dangerous city with many problems, he explained, but he assured people that the Olympic Games really had made a difference for the city. And pointed to a huge number of tunnels and highways that had been built as well as, of course, the stadiums and a number of new housing projects.
He didn't mention a collapsed cycle path that killed two people due to malconstruction. He didn't really talk about, in depth, the problems with Guanabara Bay, where the city had promised to clean up the Bay by 80%. And, in fact, they've come nowhere near that figure, with a number of athletes complaining about pollution in the bay, bacteria and virus, as well as actual trash which they can run into.
The justice minister also talked at this event, explaining that he would ensure that it was a safe and secure Games. He explained that there is no likely terrorist threat. But he did say that, of course, they worked with the possibility of a terrorist threat, and all of the preparations were being done to ensure that the Games is carried off safely.