FIRST AIRED: June 29, 2016

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>> An emotional David Cameron bidding farewell to Europe on Tuesday. The UK Prime Minister holding a late night news conference in Brussels at the end of an EU summit.>> I threw myself in head, heart, and soul to keep Britain in the European Union, and I didn't succeed.
>> Cameron's stepping down after Britains voted to take the country out of the EU. This is the last Brussels summit he will attend. Now he's calling on the EU to give his successor more power to control immigration. His parting comments perhaps as notable for the way he said them.
>> David Cameron wrapping up a late press conference absolutely packed with journalists. He sounded weary, wistful even. He gave a moving tribute to EU leaders and the EU itself, but he was short on specifics. One message did shine through though. He said to his successor, whoever he or she may be, you can't have all the benefits of EU membership without some of the costs.
>> Morning.>> That comment perhaps aimed at Boris Johnson, the de facto leader of the Out Campaign now favored for the country's top job. He says he can strike a deal with the EU that will give Britain the best of both worlds. But he wants time to figure out a plan.
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is unimpressed.>> All those having campaigned for the leave, they are telling us we need some time. I thought that if you want to leave you have a plan.>> As Cameron walks out of this summit a symbolic moment looms. On Wednesday the other 27 members of the EU will meet.
For the first time, there will be no one in Britain's seat.