FIRST AIRED: July 5, 2016

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>> A country in shock, Bangladesh burying victims of last week's brutal cafe massacre which killed 20 people, most of them foreigners. Activists, hitting the streets with the message to the world.>> This kind of an attack in a public place with innocent civilians, many of whom were our guests in our country.
It's something that's unacceptable to all people of this country.>> So far, no family members seem to have stepped forward to identify the killers. So police are trying to gather details from social media. Reuters' Paritosh Bansal says they've pieced together a picture that's shaken long held beliefs here about militancy.
>> One sort of common theme that's emerging is that many of them were like young regular people from well-to-do families. They went to good schools, they were educated, and so it wasn't a traditional belief of attackers and militants coming from less well-to-do families and lack of education being a factor.
So for example, one of the persons we looked into in more detail was this guy called Librasas Lamb. He went to Monash and was in Malaysia, and I was speaking to a person who knew him there quite well, and this person was saying, he was a regular guy.
One other attacker, for example, was the son of a local party leader, and so this is sort of an unusual image of the attackers that have emerged.>> Police say somehow the young man had been brainwashed, but so far no details on how or where. Meanwhile, police say they're on the hunt for six members of a local militant group who they suspect of being accomplices in the attack, also revealing they may have shot dead a hostage at the cafe by mistake, believing he was one of the militants.