FIRST AIRED: July 6, 2016

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>> Rodrigo Duterte.>> Do solemnly swear.>> Do solemnly swear.>> He was only sworn in as President last Thursday but Rodrigo Duterte is already making his presence clearly felt in his own signature way. More than 30 suspected criminals have already been killed by police on the streets of the Philippines since he took power.
And nearly $20 million worth of drugs have been seized, mostly crystal meth. There's little doubt that Duterte has hit the ground running on his pledge to crush crime, but as Manny Mogato reports from Manila, there were echoes of the country's authoritarian past.>> These killings, I think more than six a day, reminds us of what is happening during martial law when people just disappear, get arrested, and for unknown reason were killed under Ferdinand Marcos' regime.
That was in the 1972 until 1981. People are applauding that suspected drug dealers are getting killed. But on one hand, there's also concern that this might become indiscriminate and kill innocent people. These are the fears of most of the people now. That police would make it appear that there's a shootout or confrontation, but there was none.
Since Duterte was elected two months ago, more than a hundred people have been killed in the Philippines, mostly suspected drug dealers, rapists, and car thieves. Duterte's no-nonsense stance on crime has gone down generally quite well with Phillipinos. Earlier this week, rebels from the Communist New People's Army came out in support of his all-out war on drugs.
But not everyone's quite so happy. One high profile lawyers group is already speaking out against Duterte, saying the serial executions of criminal suspects has to come to an end.