FIRST AIRED: June 30, 2016

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>> We gotta bring jobs back into our country.>> As Donald Trump courts the American worker he's losing big business. In a study in Twitter rant the always GOP friendly US Chamber of Commerce slamming the presumptive republican nominee. Saying his plan to reopen the North American Free Trade Agreement will reap higher prices, fewer jobs, and a weaker economy.
Reuters Breakingviews columnist Gina Chang says, this kind of business where a vote against a GOP nominee is almost unheard of.>> He would basically scrap or renegotiate multiple trade deals including the trans-pacific partnership and NAFTA. And these are positions that are at odds with traditional Republican stances. The chamber has obviously been a good friend to the Republicans.
They're big donors, so it's pretty strange for the two to be at odds with each other.>> Hedge fund manager Paul Singer chiming in Wednesday on CNBC saying, Trump's trade policies would spark a widespread global depression.>> The US Chamber of Commerce is totally controlled by the special interest groups, folks.
>> Trump firing back at the Chamber Wednesday, saying they need to do more for American workers.>> This country is being drained of its jobs.>> Former Goldman Sachs CEO and Treasury secretary Hank Paulson, publicly rejected Trump in a Washington Post op-ed saying, he's voting for Hillary Clinton.
>> I think Clinton is in a better position right now to appeal to big business leaders. Bankers on Wall Street, the hedge fund community, all of these groups that are normally aligned with the Republican Party, her views are seen as more in line with their views and Trump's sort of on the outs with them.
>> I want jobs.>> Trump's anti-NAFTA stand dominated a news conference after President Obama met the leaders of Canada and Mexico Wednesday in Ottawa.>> The amount of disruption that would be involved would be enormous.>> Obama's saying Trump's focus on protecting US markets is the wrong medicine.
>> What you're prescribing will not work.>> Great again. Thank you everybody.