FIRST AIRED: June 30, 2016

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>> Nicola Sturgeon is on a mission to keep Scotland in the European Union. The Scottish First Minister flying in to an EU summit in Brussels days after the UK voted to leave the block. She's trying to win support in the corridors of power.>> What assurances do we have from European leaders?
>> I'm not here today looking for assurances. I'm here to put Scotland's case. This is a very initial series of meetings and they're going very well, so far.>> Not going well all day, though. The European Parliament President only promising to listen and learn. German leader Angela Merkel among those to refuse a meeting.
>> In Brussels, I'm Reuters reporter Julian Satterthwaite. This area is the heart of the European institutions, the European Commission just behind me. But it's also the location of Scotland House. Nicola Sturgeon in there right now, on a day of whirlwind meetings. Her problem is, she's trying to do something unprecedented, as one country chooses to leave the EU, she's trying to keep one bit of it in.
Countries like Spain and Belgium not keen to help, they're worried about encouraging their own restive regions to seek independence. Some EU officials also saying Scotland case is hopeless. They say it will have to leave and then apply to rejoin. That could take six or seven years. After two-thirds of Scots voted to stay in the EU, Nicola Sturgeon certainly has friends here.
>> I've set out very clearly, Scotland's desire to protect our relationship with the European Union.>> Actually striking a deal, though. That's going to be a whole lot tougher.