FIRST AIRED: June 27, 2016

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>> A traumatic miss with a massive aftershock. Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi announcing his retirement from international futbol just minutes after missing a penalty and costing his side yet another Copa America final. The fourth one Messi has lost with Argentina. Writer's Adam Reed said the decision could still be revoked.
>> On reflection he may think it's a bit of a rash decision. It's a funny time for me really, because it's right in the middle of a World Cup cycle. There's only 2 years to go until a World Cup in 2018. He'll only be 31 during that tournament so it's hard to say at the moment because it's never say never.
Maybe when the dust is settled, he may think differently, and he may reconsider once he starts talking to other people, potentially.>> Here he comes.>> The 29 year old has been crowned World Player of the Year five times, and is widely considered to be the greatest player of his generation.
So what went wrong? In a nutshell, Matthew was 13 years old when he joined Barcelona, made his La Liga debut at 17, one year after he was joining the ranks on his national team. But his success at Barce was never really paired with his international career. In 2010 Matthew's Argentina loses 4-0 to Germany.
In 2014, the Biden captain Messi defeated in the World Cup final against the Germany. And now, another humiliating defeat.>> Players retiring from international football early to prolong their club careers is nothing new. Famously Paul Scholes of England said that he didn't want to do it. Jamie Carragher was another one.
Ryan Giggs for Wales. They all retired early to prolong their club careers and it worked out for them. Paul Scholes even retired from club football and was tempted back because he had that extra time.>> With Argentina now six games into it's qualification campaign for the 2018 World Cup the absence of it's its key player could prove a dramatic loss for a country otherwise aiming for the title.