FIRST AIRED: July 15, 2016

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rror in southern France, at least 84 people dead and scores more wounded after a truck plowed through a crowd in Nice on Thursday night. The driver zig zagging along the packed promenade for some two kilometers mowing down revelers celebrating the country's national day. Among the dead two US citizens and one Russian student.
Police eventually shot the driver dead in a hail of bullets. Reuters correspondent Tom Bergin is in Nice, a city in shock.>> For two kilometers down from this point are a series of broken prams, people's clothing, occasionally patches of dried blood, and screams behind which there appear to be the bodies of victims covered with blankets.
It's a city, today, which is trying to make some sense of what's happened, and the police included, trying to get an understanding as to what could have motivated this kind of an attack.>> Official sources named the attacker as Mohamed Bouhlel, a 31 year old Tunisian-born French man known to the police in connection with petty crimes.
Weapons and grenades were found inside the truck. French President Francois Hollande visiting on Friday afternoon, earlier condemning the massacre as an act of terror.>>
> France is mourning. It is afflicted but it is strong. And it will always be stronger, I assure you, than the fanatics who want to strike it today.
>> France is still reeling from last November's Paris attack when Islamic State militants gunned down 130 people. That tragedy prompted President Hollande to call for a state of emergency, which has now been extended.