FIRST AIRED: July 15, 2016

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>> Very entertaining. Thumbs up. Compulsive clapping.
ar Trek Beyond's first reviews are out and the third installment of the revamped franchise has won its place in space. Five days before its international premiere and Trekkies are already expecting a vast improvement from Into Darkness. Voted the worst film in the series.
>> My last report as the captain.>> Critics praising the script, humor, and characterization in the latest installment.
As well as a revival of the old Star Trek feeling, which fans said fell short in the most recent films. It also features Rihanna on the sound track, and Idris Elba on screen, making it the British actor's seventh film in one year. Elba making a surprise appearance outside a London on Thursday to promote the new film, and we asked him what he had to say about that Matt Damon interview.
>> Who would you like to be the next Bond?>> I like Idris. Yeah, I think he's brilliant. And I'll watch him in anything. And he makes everything he's in better and he would make that franchise better. He's awesome.>> Amazing. Listen, any compliment from Matt Damon is a very big compliment.
Cuz he's an incredible actor. So thank you, Matt, well done.>> Part of $7 billion franchise, well done Idris. The 43 year old actor then climbed onto a lift where he spray painted his signature in a giant Star Trek mural. The Enterprise flies back to cinemas worldwide on July the 20th.