FIRST AIRED: July 19, 2016

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>> A builder and a patriot in the Oval Office.>> Indiana Governor Mike Pence looking more like the one to beat Wednesday as Donald Trump gets ready to end all the suspense over his running mate as soon as Friday. Speculation around Pence spiking as Trump and his family met Pence for breakfast after a rally together Tuesday night.
Trump, teasing the cliffhanger like he was back on The Apprentice.>> I don't know whether he's gonna be your governor, or your vice president, who the hell knows? Steve Hollands says Pence would be the cautious call for Trump out of the final three that includes live wires Newt Gengrich and New Jersey governor Chris Christie.
>> Well Pence is an experienced politician. He’s currently the governor of Indiana and he’s also a former congressman, so he knows the corridors of power in Washington DC. He’s very popular in the conservative movement. He's flirted with a presidential run of his own in the past so he would be possibly the safest choice for Trump.
>> Trump telling the Wall Street Journal Wednesday he wants someone ready for hand to hand combat. Not Pence's calling card, but he did his best in Tuesday’s tryout.>> To paraphrase the director of the FBI I think it would be extremely careless to elect Hillary Clinton as the next president.
>> One black mark on Pence, signing a religious freedom law viewed as anti-gay that drew howls of protest until he did a 180, his poll numbers never recovering. And then there's the awkward questions about this just ten weeks ago.>> I will be voting for Ted Cruz. But supporters say picking Pence could help stitch up a party still deeply divided over Trump just days from the Cleveland convention.
>> Thank you.>> Gingrich and Christie? Still in the hunt, but both have issues>> Now Newt hasn't been in office in quite some time, something like 20 years. Christie has had some problems as governor of New Jersey. He's not all that popular and if you pick Christie you have the possibility of having two bullies on the same ticket.
I mean, that's the criticism. They have been very vital behind the scenes advisors for him during this campaign, but right now Pence may have the inside track.>> Leadership to make comments