FIRST AIRED: June 27, 2016

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>> Mr Corbyn, will I have any information->> Jeremy Corbyn isn't about to go quietly. The UK Labour Party leader says he will run in any new leadership election and appointing a brand new top team. More than a third of his Shadow Cabinet ministers have quit since Sunday after losing confidence in him, the Labour leader also sacking foreign policy chief, Hilary Benn, after he reportedly sparked the rebellion.
>> I told Jeremy Corbyn last night that I no longer had confidence in his leadership and he dismissed me from the Shadow Cabinet.>> Corbyn's opponents had hoped the resignations would be enough to force him to resign. Far from it though, according to Reuter's UK correspondent, Will James.
>> The vote on Monday is largely symbolic. It's a no confidence motion and it's followed by a secret ballot. But even if that secret ballot backs the no confident motion, so, basically MPs behind me are saying they don't trust Corbyn. That doesn't mean automatically that there'll be a leadership election.
What it does do is keep enormous political pressure on him to agree to a leadership election and then start that process. But we already know that he's not gonna resign. He said he will stand again even if there is a leadership contest.>> Corbyn largely refusing to speak to the press over the weekend, that adds to an absence of leadership across the country.
Prime Minister David Cameron saying he'll step down in October while finance minister George Osborne remains tight lipped. Tory leadership favorite Boris Johnson is also laying low. The UK may be sailing through a storm, but it's not clear who, if anyone, is at the helm.