FIRST AIRED: July 7, 2016

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>> Bill Cosby's legal team set to go on the offensive Thursday in the latest hearing of his sexual assault case. Looking to shift focus to his accuser. Former Temple University basketball coach Andrea Constand. Constand claims Cosby drugged and sexually molested her in 2004. But she has not testified in any prior hearings, leaving Cosby's attorney's to argue that criminal charges against the comedian should be dropped.
Reuters' Joseph Acts explains.>> The argument from Cosby's lawyers essentially is she should have had to come into court. Get on the stand. Tell her story in her own words and then be subject to cross examination. And they're arguing that she wasn't required to answer questions like, why didn't she report it right away.
Why did it take almost a year? Why did she stay in touch with Cosby after the fact.>> Still, grilling con stand with those types of questions during any cross examination may not be Cosby's best defense.>> Those questions can be very compelling for juries but what sexual trauma experts have told me is that, in fact, victims of sexual violence often act in ways that at least on the surface appear inconsistent.
They sometimes they will keep in touch with their accuser as a way of reasserting control or as a way of trying to figure out how this could have happened? And so, one of the interesting things at trial if it goes that far will be to see how does the prosecution handle those questions?
Do they call experts of the type I've spoken to? To get on the stand and to basically explain this to the jury.>> While dozens of women have accused Cosby of sexual assault, most cases are too old to be prosecuted. Constand claims have lead to the only criminal charges against the comedian who has denied assaulting anyone and portrays his encounter with Constand as consensual.