FIRST AIRED: July 13, 2016

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>> Everyone that we pass by is playing.>> Pokemon Go isn't just one of the most popular gaming apps on Earth, it's a literal game changer.>> Pokemon Go.>> Getting players off their butts out of the basement and into the world. Reuters correspondent is a Pokemon Go enthusiast and, in a first, found the more she played, the more she moved.
>> The interesting thing that I noticed was that I was hitting my 10,000 steps that is tracked by my Fitbit far more regularly and far more often. So it's really helped me get out there.>> It's a revelation not just for players, but for their parents.>> I was actually kind of excited when I read about this and saw that this was actually a game that would make them walk around.
So I think it's gonna a lot of fun for the summer.>> It's a video game that actually brings people to the park.>> We're looking for, we're probably gonna head right over here.>> Pokemon Go is the cure for childhood obesity.>> The game's benefits can also be deeply personal.
Jordan Holmes is a Chicago based stand up comedian who suffers from depression, took to Facebook to say the mobile app had a profound effect on him, and telling Reuters it's a change for the better.>> In the past couple of days, I've spent more time outside than I have in weeks.
Is it a dramatic world altering change? Probably not, but it is something that matters.>> While it's great to get out and go, there are places the game isn't welcome. Sites such as the 911 memorial in New York, and the Nazi death camp, Auschwitz, have asked that visitors not hunt digital monsters on their somber grounds.