FIRST AIRED: July 14, 2016

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>> He had some pretty big shoes to fill. and Trevor Noah tells Reuter's, he wasn't exactly ready for the gig of a lifetime as host of the Daily Show.>> I agree with one thing, and that is when people GO, you're not ready to host. Yeah, I don't think I would have ever been ready, But that's when you must do it.
You will not be ready. Do it and then, you will become ready. How the
d we get here?>> Born in South Africa, the 32-year-old was a relative outsider to the American comedy circuit until he joined the show. Now, he's tackling all kinds of American issues.>> When it comes to videos of police shootings, seeing isn't believing.
Because America has a penchant for creating issues. Or discussing them in a way that makes them a lot more divisive than they should be. It's always the dividing issue and it doesn't always need to be. It shouldn't always be.>> The show under Noah is still heavy on political satire.
>> The only time anyone should be struggling to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is, if they're picking a Halloween costume, people!>> But Noah is yet to create the kind of impact his predecessor Jon Stewart had in the nexus of late night comedy and news. He'll try to distinguish himself by taking the show to the conventions this year.
>> We're not going to be talking about a thing that is happening somewhere else. We will be talking about it first hand, which really excites me.>> According to Nielsen ratings, the show has lost about a third of its audience since Stewartt departed. But how does Noah think he's doing?
>> I know I'm passing. I know there are moments where I feel like I have excelled or reached where I would like to be. But, I'm far from where I would like to end up. So for now, it is a good grade.