FIRST AIRED: July 12, 2016

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>> Are you looking forward to your new roll?>> Not yet the boss, but speculation mounting over who will form her top team. While David Cameron chaired his last cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Theresa May's first task when she takes over as prime minister will be appointing her cabinet, including a new senior secretary of state post to lead the Brexit process.
Reuters UK political correspondent is Kylie MacLellan.>> She's made it clear that she needs to unite the party and the country. And part of that will be bringing in some more Brexiters to the cabinet, various junior ministers who are tipped to get a promotion, people like Priti Patel who campaigned for Brexit.
So you're likely to see more of a mixture. But some of the high profile jobs, certainly the brexit ministry. Possibly chancellor or foreign secretary also going to Brexit here.>> Tipped for significant roles are prominent Leave campaigners, Chris Grayling, and former Defense Secretary and fellow leadership contender, Liam Fox.
Michael Gove also expecting an invitation back to the top table. The list of possible casualties just as interesting. A lot of speculation over George Osbourne's future. He was a firm remainder, and not a friend of May's.>> It's not entirely clear she will definitely remove George Osbourne, certainly not immediately.
Some people think that he could be kept on for a short period, just while the dust settles. He's got the G20 finance business meeting in China later this month that he could go ahead and do. But longer term a lot of people are tipping. People at Forbes actually for parliament for the role, a businesses ministers such as Javed, both of them campaign to remain in the EU.
>> Whispers suggesting Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond could be swapping jobs with Osborne. With May insisting Brexit means Brexit, there's plenty for her new team to do.