FIRST AIRED: June 30, 2016

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>> The release this week of 911 call transcripts during the Orlando massacre sparking fresh debate over whether police waited too long to act the night gunman Omar Mateen attacked. The logs shedding new light on the three hour gap between when shots were first fired and when officers ultimately stormed the Pulse nightclub, killing Mateen, prompting questions over whether that delay might have cost more lives.
As victims losing blood from gunshot wounds pleaded with emergency dispatchers for help. Reuters editor Colleen Jenkins has a story.>> One former SWAT officer I spoke with believes that mistakes were made. He said Mateen should never have been allowed to hole up in a bathroom with hostages, but rather officers should have chased Mateen immediately and taken him out.
>> Shortly after the initial reports of gunshots at 2:00 AM, Mateen was barricaded in the bathroom at the club, taking hostages who thought they were fleeing to safety. It wasn't until 4:30, when the gunman threatened to strap bombs to his victims, that police entered the building. But while critics say authorities may have wasted time trying to negotiate, some experts say the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history could have been much worse if they'd moved in sooner.
>> I spoke with three experts in police tactical training and they believe that law enforcement in Orlando acted according to best practices. Once the gunman was holed up in the bathroom with hostages, they say negotiators acted correctly by trying to keep him engaged as long as they could in a very unstable situation, where many things could go wrong.
>> Orland's Police Chief, saying the strategy allowed law enforcement to rescue more people while Mateen was barricaded in the bathroom.