FIRST AIRED: June 30, 2016

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>> A new report out by the US Navy finds weak leadership, poor judgment, and a litany of errors led to the embarrassing capture and detention of ten US sailors in the Persian Gulf in January. But how exactly did the crew end up being held at gunpoint on Iranian television?
Reuters reporter Yeganeh Torbati.>> The crews did not follow the intended path. They tried to save time by kind of cutting corners and that led them straight into Saudi territory unintentionally and then Iranian territory.>> The US Navy report blasting the crew's complacency and low morale and said they lacked quote more fighting toughness.
In fact some or all of the crew revealed sensitive information to their captors such as phone and laptop passwords as well as proprietary details about their vessels. The sailors also acquiesced to Iranian demands that they eat and act happy while being filmed in order to be released. And one captain read an apology prepared by the Iranians.
>> And we apologize for our mistake.>> And globally the capture couldn't have come at a more fraught time.>> The time that it happened was in mid-January, just days before the planned nuclear agreement. Agreement between Iran and world powers was due to be implemented. So, it came at a very sensitive time when everyone was really focused on Iran-US relations.
It got a lot of international news coverage. It really was seen as a public relations win for Iran and an embarrassment for the United States.>> The report, however, also faulted the Iranian Revolutionary Guard for violating international norms. The Iranians replaced an American flag on board with their own, ransacked the vessels, and damaged equipment.