FIRST AIRED: March 6, 2019

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Detroit is betting its future on a ton of his cars but how best to build that technology is still an open question so far the biggest carmakers have gotten behind lidar those spinning things you might have seen on the roof of a self driving vehicle it bounces light off objects to create a picture of the surrounding environment but a Reuters analysis of publicly available data found there are over fifty different lighter start ups attracting more than a billion dollars in investments the crowded field is forcing automakers to place their bets now for the technology is even proven says Reuters auto correspondent Paul liner we talked to two dozen executives at start ups automakers suppliers and investors guess what there is no winning like our technology yet there is a feeling that the field could consolidate to five or six key players but that's not going to happen until twenty twenty five or twenty thirty in the meantime here's the challenge for self driving car makers and suppliers do we invest now in a technology that could be obsolete in five years and there's not even full agreement in the industry on whether light are as necessary to make self driving cars work Tesla CEO you lied musk insists the electric car maker so called auto pilot system doesn't need it relying instead on a combination of radar cameras and software despite that skepticism some big carmakers and suppliers are pressing ahead with lighter start ups though they are hedging their bets major auto supplier active which has been actively developing its own automated driving system has invested in three light are start ups in of its water G. and letter tech to Yoda has partnered with several lighter start ups and continues to evaluate new sensing technologies meanwhile a source tells Reuters that Bella dine and Swedish supplier via near will provide light are for Ford's first automated vehicle coming in mid twenty twenty , one but the challenge isn't just that the technology has to be flawless but it has to be affordable and at least one supplier tells Reuters it could be another five to ten years before that happens