FIRST AIRED: March 5, 2019

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my name is Linda Berger and I'm a senior high school eighteen year old Ethan Linden burger is among those who testified in front of the Senate health committee Wednesday to prevent what he called illegitimate sources of information from spreading the idea that standard vaccines are harmful for kids the catch here he is defying his own mother I think it was just straight up fear of him getting these immunizations and having a bad reaction my mother is an anti VAX advocate the police vaccines cause autism brain damage and do not benefit the health and safety society despite the fact such opinions have been debunked numerous times by the scientific community as a result Linden Berger said he went his whole life without being vaccinated against measles chicken pox or polio however in December two thousand eighteen I've been catching up on my missed imitations despite my mother's disapproval it's important understand as I approached high school and began to critically think for myself I saw that the information in defense of vaccines outweighed the concerns heavily a position that others on the panel agreed with including Washington state's secretary of health and pediatric specialists from Emory University and the university of Tennessee there is absolutely no evidence at this time that vaccines cause autism Dr Mary you agree with that , absolutely got to respond do you agree with that I do the Senate hearing titled vaccines save lives comes amid measles outbreaks in at least four states including New York the disease had been considered a radic hated since two thousand parents can legally declined to vaccinate their kids in seventeen states including Ohio where Lyndon burger is from but that could change in a few of those states of lawmakers get their way with Minnesota and New Jersey among those that have introduced legislation to make vaccination mandatory as for Lyndon burger he and his mom in an interview last month appeared willing to agree to disagree with even adding quote I question her judgment but not her care