FIRST AIRED: February 28, 2019

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he said that this be the start of a new satellite era one that brings high speed internet's to every corner of the world Sir Richard Branson is certainly hope so he's going head to head with companies like Ilan mosque sis space ex in the race to be in the internet from space to millions of people in rural and remote areas this Soyuz rockets carried six refrigerator sized sensor lights billed by abba Sam ponder one web is successful launch could mark a new chapter in the satellite services industry companies are pushing ahead to build data networks made of hundreds or even thousands of tiny satellites that orbit closer to earth than traditional communication satellites it's a radical shift made possible by leaps and laser technology and computer chips but when it comes to competition with the likes of musk Bronson says the sky is big enough for both of them one web %HESITATION was fast I'm baffled when you first to get like the slot for the lab portal this or the slots in the sky you couldn't you can get the best thoughts %HESITATION I'm and I'm I'm not gay was that if the three at %HESITATION advantage over a %HESITATION our principal comparisons that which is the lawn Moscow's also plans to put a large network up that we think are network can be at best a network %HESITATION and it's gonna be it's gonna it's gonna happen at a quicker than has %HESITATION been having said all that %HESITATION there will be an enormous Tamon face that way I can almost mom for on that work and we can both live alongside each other %HESITATION and and hopefully catch you to disconnect that many more people are not connected this new age has satellites is set to spark demand for rocket launch services Wednesday's launch to call from French Guiana experts say in the next five years that could be potentially at ten thousand satellites that need to be voted to space and a handful of them , Sebak rocket companies looking to cash in developing smaller pieces to deploy the smallest satellites lower cost one web is raised more than two billion dollars from investors including Abbas coca Cola and softbank is aims to begin launching more than thirty satellites answer time every month starting as early as September they hope to have global broadband coverage in twenty twenty one for more than six hundred satellites