FIRST AIRED: March 1, 2019

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China's Communist Party is under pressure as the country gears up for its annual session of parliament the world's second largest economy is running at a nearly thirty year low but its leaders have a message we've got this premier Li could John will kick things off on Tuesday with the speech expected to be full of promises to help small businesses demand and protect jobs water's been Blanchard says he'll also be delivering a reality check we're expecting him to announce that economic growth this year will be a powerful between %HESITATION six percent and six point five percent which is slower than of target for last year which is about six point five percent Beijing is keen to keep growth above six percent officials worry a deeper slow down could spark big job losses and stir unrest China's economic troubles are thanks in part to a bruising trade war with the US top of the agenda at this year's parliament a new foreign investment law aimed at easing tensions this is designed to provide a better legal framework for foreign investors in this country %HESITATION and two out more practices this have %HESITATION particularly upset American and European companies things like force technology transfers also to best protect intellectual property are in China China is also expected to announce its military budget for the year spending on things like stealth jets and aircraft carriers is expected to get a big boost up to nine percent according to state media the defense budget figures in particular watch very closely around the region China strategic contentions are and also I was trying to box on will continues with a very ambitious mission organization program one thing this is driving this this sea of offense budgets is China's worries over Taiwan as Taiwan gives up for presidential elections next year the national people's Congress will run for about ten days during which time the foreign investment law which was pre approved by top leaders is expected to pass , the NBC is seen as a rubber stamp parliament that doesn't vote against the decisions of the Communist Party