FIRST AIRED: March 10, 2019

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malnutrition is rife in wartime Yemen but this aid agency has launched a campaign to distribute food to school people's Mona is working with the country's food back to provide the meals to students to encourage impoverished families to keep sending their children to school , a guy I'm gonna use of to go to now like I said anything UNICEF numbers show that there is more than two million students who drop out of school because their parents inability to pay their tuition or to pay for their daily school the project targets more than ten thousand students and we at my own agency are participating as the executive partner of the Yemeni food bank and they kept you said that to reach the target teams are working tirelessly slicing up blades of bread spreading she's out hunting outside which is , in November UNICEF said one point eight million Yemeni children all malnourished more than four hundred thousand of them a suffering from acute malnutrition a life threatening condition that leaves them schedule with muscle wasting , Yemen's nearly full year old civil war has but in many people financially may see because of the non payment of salaries that means that food supplies have dropped countrywide , the United Nations says about fourteen million people %HESITATION Hoff of Yemen's population could soon be on the brink of famine in the man made disaster , the country is embroiled in a proxy war between the Iran backed who's the arms movement out of Saudi led coalition the U. N. is trying to implement a cease by I'm troop withdrawal from the main pools of her data web based of Yemen's imports come from , about to violence continues to displace people across the country and because access routes with food fuel and date