FIRST AIRED: March 8, 2019

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the one with the other there's even as US president Donald Trump has been rallying to build a border wall a recent reporting trip to the border near el Paso Texas shows that the eighteen foot high steel barrier that runs through the city isn't doing much to keep out migrants who were arriving in droves at the U. S. Mexico border every day seeking asylum in the US Reuters correspondent Andrew Hey explains undocumented migrants crossing the Rio Grande arriving in United States %HESITATION levels not seen since two thousand and six we went down to a section of war %HESITATION in downtown el Paso where groups of up to four hundred people were arriving waiting across the Rio Grande and simply walking up to the border fence and standing and waiting to surrender to US border patrol agents once they've crossed the river understanding south of the border there on U. S. soil and US agents are obliged to take them into detention be advised that your group of walking towards you %HESITATION what used to be right now a door to your direction just a few years back the steel fence in el Paso would have posed an obstacle to migrants who tried to evade getting caught by authorities but that is no longer the case driving this flow of migrants is a change in the profile of people who are trying to answer the United States only three years ago up to eighty five percent of all those apprehended by the US border patrol hair would have being single %HESITATION predominantly %HESITATION mail %HESITATION I don't Mexicans now the new migrants a central American families and unaccompanied children who represent between about eighty five and ninety percent of all apprehensions anymore okay I'm which up or what if you're coming here because there's a lot of poverty a lot of crime my son was a taxi driver but they just steal his money on , border patrol say the fence is successful in stopping migrants scattering into the city giving agents time to corral them along the fence and hurt them two gates from which they were bused away for processing but those facilities are already overwhelmed by the sheer number of migrants seeking asylum