FIRST AIRED: March 7, 2019

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of the nation states the US is fighting in cyberspace China poses the greatest risk by far to American security that was the main message from the top US security officials at this week's RSA cyber security conference in San Francisco so I would argue that for too long this country has actually been under focused on the counter intelligence threat which is a heavy cyber dimension but is not exclusively a cyber issue that China poses %HESITATION there is nothing like it %HESITATION and I'm not somebody who %HESITATION is prone to hyperbole but of all the things that surprised me when I came back into this world %HESITATION the thing that most shocked me was the the breath the death %HESITATION %HESITATION the scale of the Chinese counterintelligence threat in a press briefing focused on China and involving cyber threats Robert choice a senior cyber security adviser at the National Security Agency told reporters he viewed Russia as the hurricane comes in fast and hard China is climate change long slow and pervasive Reuter cyber security reporter Christopher being is at the RSA conference in San Francisco and says it's all part of the government's public affairs campaign to raise awareness about the China cyber risk all these comments common during a period of great tension between United States and China and the trump administration negotiate a trade deal and around the same time that the FBI has announced charges against Chinese hackers I think in some ways the reason the these officials in the government are trying to talk about the problem is because they're now seeing it more and they're trying to tell the private sector much of the people here at this conference they need to be vigilant of certain attacks coming from China despite all the anti China rhetoric in the U. S. and P. R. a C. conference Chinese firms didn't shy away from the conference with internet giants like Ali Baba and , smaller firms exhibiting lead Yang senior architect of Shanghai based cyber security firm soon info said it was the company's first year at the conference and brushed off any negative comments about China hi doing this thing because we have the %HESITATION interact %HESITATION the time that the three and that the USA is growing this is to be partners and not enemies in December the U. S. indicted two Chinese nationals linked with spy agency on charges of stealing confidential data from American government agencies and businesses around the world that's part of nine cases against the Chinese announced since July of last year I think it's a little bit of a myth that these people would never see the inside of a U. S. court room just during my year and a half on this job we've had a number of instances where hackers %HESITATION have been unable to resist the temptation to travel from whatever garden spot they live in %HESITATION and then got picked up %HESITATION and the FBI is patient but also dog and %HESITATION and when they decide to travel will be waiting and just like China's playing the long game so weak