FIRST AIRED: March 23, 2019

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with special counsel Robert Muller is highly anticipated report on the Russia probe now in the hands of the justice department Democrats in Congress are gearing up to get their hands on it from Attorney General William Barr bar is required under the special counsel law to submit a summary to Congress but not the full report yon wolf is following the story the regulations covering Bob Miller's appointment give bill Barr tremendously way here so he's really the arbiter of what to do next and he has made no promises only saying he'll disclose as much as possible the country needs a credible resolution to these issues wolf says lawmakers are weighing a variety of options if bar keeps the report under wraps Democrats in Congress have already vowed to get their hands on on the report through this subpoena power they're some limits there of course there's a doctrine called executive privilege that lets the president keep information about really confidential discussions he's had it out of the view of other branches of government so president trump could say a lot of this report should be shown to Congress on that ground use where the Democrats could also subpoena Robert Muller himself to testify on his findings president trump has maintained his innocence throughout the probing to Russia's role in the twenty sixteen election and whether his campaign worked with Moscow there was no collision that never has been despite trump's dismissal of the probe as a witch hunt Muller has secure guilty pleas indictments or convictions from thirty four people among them trump's former campaign manager Paul man a fort and his former lawyer Michael Cole went but will says Muller's report is unlikely to read like the four hundred and forty five page document by the independent counsel Kenneth Starr during the Clinton era well it was chock full of really salacious details and it nearly toppled the presidency so I think people think that that is the precedent here but regulations that an act in nineteen ninety nine really tried to rein in that sort , approach and and focus on a concise report not some sort of searing tell all narrative but well mother may have closed up shop trump's legal scrutiny will be far from over as several off shoots of the pro play out , and house Democrats continue their own investigations of the trump administration further spurred by Coinstar matic testimony in February as he turned on his former boss suggesting he may have engaged in bank fraud and other financial misdeeds Kamal report was always limited in its scope the Southern District of New York investigation has potential to be much more far reaching and pose much more danger in the long run most importantly but for now all eyes are on bar as he weighs what is likely to stand out as one of his most important acts as Attorney General