FIRST AIRED: March 7, 2019

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he's a cheat after block buster testimony in closed door congressional hearings Michael Cohen on Thursday sued the trump organization accusing it of re nagging on its contract with him by refusing to cover legal fees and costs to the tune of one point nine million dollars in a complaint filed in New York state court president Donald trump's former personal lawyer and one time fixers said the tribe organization refused to pay him the money he says he was owed after it became clear he would cooperate with investigators the lawsuit comes a day after cones lawyer Lanny Davis said in an interview the Coens former legal team reached out to trump's lawyers seeking a pardon after the FBI raided his home and office last year I am here under oath that admission now raising new questions about whether Cohen told the whole truth in his public testimony last week he answered every question that was put to him by members of both parties on Wednesday house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff told reporters that Colin was cooperative in closed door testimony and that the eight hour hearing was quote very productive hello and heads to prison on may sixth after pleading guilty in part to lying to Congress during his testimony in twenty seventeen about the president's pursuit of a trump tower in Moscow which going now says continued well after he clinched the Republican presidential nomination the last time I appeared before Congress I came to protect Mr trump during the twenty sixteen campaign trump denied he had any business dealings with Russia but as since defended the proposed tower project there would be nothing wrong if I did