FIRST AIRED: March 8, 2019

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between nineteen and twenty four years that's how much prison time president Donald trump's former campaign manager Paul man a fort could be facing on Thursday when a federal judge I'm bills the price still paper range of crimes in a four was convicted last year on eight counts of bank in tax fraud offenses uncovered by special counsel Robert Muller is investigation into whether trump's campaign colluded with Russia in the twenty sixteen race which trump has repeatedly denied it's a witch hunt orders criminal justice correspondent zero Lynch is on the story that occurred was one of the very first people in trump's inner circle to face charges by special counsel Robert Muller in two thousand seventeen no none of the charges against Paul mana for I have anything to do with Russian collusion %HESITATION but this will be a representation of a significant down fall for a man who is well known and well regarded in Republican circles for years the convictions trace back to manta forts lobbying work on behalf of pro Russian officials in Ukraine not from his time on trump's campaign a jury determined that man a fort invaded taxes on sixteen million dollars and earnings from his lobbying when the work dried up prosecutors said Middleport lied to banks to get loans to keep up his opulent lifestyle which included multiple homes and dozens of suits and jackets including one made of ostrich hide worth fifteen thousand dollars his lawyers have asked the judge for a sentence substantially below U. S. guidelines citing the fact that mean a port is a first time offender now one big factor that will also way is the fact that matter for was found to have lied to prosecutors and lied to a grand jury after he agreed to plead guilty and cooperate in ruling legal experts say is likely to increase his time in prison in a second case metaphor pleaded guilty in Washington to witness tampering and conspiracy and faces an additional ten years when he's sentenced in that case next week