FIRST AIRED: March 13, 2019

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he's already facing years in prison for tax and bank fraud but now Paul man a fort situation could take a darker turn as he faces a federal judge in Washington on Wednesday for his second sentencing in just a week , president Donald trump's former campaign manager faces up to an additional ten years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy and witness tampering this after Virginia judge TS Ellis in a separate case give him a lighter than expected forty seven months behind bars on eight counts of tax and bank fraud both cases are tied to special counsel Robert Muller is Russia probe orders correspondent Andy Sullivan is following the story now a lot of people think metaphor cut a break last getting less than four years for a set of crimes that carried a maximum of twenty four years in prison he might not be so fortunate here in Washington the judge in this case Amy Berman Jackson has already ruled against man a fort on one question so far and that's whether he lied to investigators as part of his plea deal judge Jackson said he was lying and you shouldn't get any special breaks Jackson is also the judge who last year ordered metaphor to be jailed pending trial amid evidence you tried to contact witnesses to influence their testimony so he could face up to ten years in prison for this set of crimes here in Washington and judge Jackson could decide to stack them on top of the four years he's already serving so he might be behind bars until he's eighty two or eighty three years old the sentencing in Virginia and now Washington Kappa stunning downfall for the veteran Washington lobbyist and political operative who is found guilty of evading taxes on some sixteen million dollars he earned while working for pro Russian officials in Ukraine metaphor was also convicted of lying to banks to finance an opulent lifestyle of luxurious homes in designer suits made a port faces the judge to learn his fate at nine thirty AM