FIRST AIRED: March 13, 2019

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Thailand is just weeks away from its first election since twenty fourteen military coup it might come as a surprise then that at least three parties openly supports keeping the army in power , voices punny one tome is following the campaign trail from Bangkok what is election is really set a new tone in Thai politics because we are seeing for the first time sensually %HESITATION I mean a tree a %HESITATION %HESITATION metric government %HESITATION trying to transform itself into an electable for us the choices Thailand faces basically boils down to two camps pro democracy and for a minute tree parties allied to ousted former prime yet Texan should know what's have won every election since two thousand one spot that successive governments have been removed %HESITATION ousted by courts in cahoots , on the other side parties looking to extend the power of current prime minister Prayuth China China who swept to power in twenty fourteen as a military coup Lida stability is a very important %HESITATION %HESITATION factor in this election and many of the supporters of the prologue who into fox's I read the %HESITATION trying to push fall of this whole idea that they were the country need stability and only person that can deliver that stability is generally your general shot the cool make cat %HESITATION the argument is basically this the people within the network of toxins you know what %HESITATION politicians from the pots of being costing the clashes has been the root causes of the conflict in Thailand and to get over that conflict of people need to vote for the crew make a but the cost for the pro democracy side they see this as a simply applied by the military in trying to stay on two on power , divisions in tiny politics has spilled into the streets in violent clashes for more than a decade I consent is white in the run up to the vote does it does the real risks that this election could resolved in Thailand going back to the same cycle of of violent clashes street protests and military coups because %HESITATION the military government and all its different organs over the last four and a half year has really %HESITATION build up %HESITATION rule that that really famous %HESITATION the pro military government and so %HESITATION many of service as well as %HESITATION critics are saying that this poll is is largely not not free in fat ties will head to the polls on March twenty fourth