FIRST AIRED: March 15, 2019

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the possible clue found in the crash of the Boeing seven three seven MAX eight in Ethiopia sources have told Reuters that investigators at the crash site near at this abba have found a key part of the plane's tail horizontal stabilizer is reportedly set in an unusual position similar to that seen in the wreckage of an Indonesian Max H. which crashed last year , version of the stabilizer could help determine whether the plane will say nose down for a steep dive , although the Max jets now grounded world wide because of similarities between the two crashes problems with the plane's software suspected in the Indonesian incident , for the jets are allowed back in the end Boeing and U. S. regulators will have to agree a fix but that is just the first step says Reuters correspondent David Shepard some there has to be tested , and then training procedures have to be rolled out it has to be actually implemented across the fleet so at a minimum just finalizing the the software upgrade will take weeks lawmakers told us that he would not be %HESITATION on all planes until at least the end of April potentially longer and that is only if the investigation doesn't turn up any more problems black boxes from the Ethiopian jets are now being analyzed in France initial conclusions expected in a few days in the meantime Boeing will keep making its bestseller but deliveries to airlines also suspended analysts estimate that could cost Boeing up to two point five billion dollars a month in the late payments and that does not include any reimbursements to airlines full flight disruptions , meanwhile relatives of the dead stormed out of a meeting with Ethiopian airlines on Thursday to crying a lack of transparency