FIRST AIRED: March 15, 2019

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musk showed off the vehicle designed to appeal to a market hungry for crossovers in California on Thursday the much anticipated model why is built on the same platform as teslas mass market model three sedan it's bigger and uses the same battery pricing will start from thirty nine thousand for the standard version but that won't be available until twenty twenty one anyone who wants to get into a mobile why a sap we'll have to spring about forty seven grand for the long range model set to hit the streets next year that one will get you three hundred miles between charges the model why is an important addition to tussles line up the model S. and model X. offered a luxury sedan an S. U. V. the model three and now it's cousin model why offer sedan an S. U. V. for everyone else compact S. U. V. is the fastest growing market segment in the US and China and the launch of the affordable model why is set to appeal to a global auto market that cannot get enough of crossover musk himself said he expects demand for the why could be fifty percent higher than the model three during a January earnings call but musk launch of the company's small S. U. V. comes as competition amongst order make is over electric vehicles heats up until now Tesla's largely been running its own race but now Audi Mercedes Benz in jaguar I'm making their own electric S. U. V. dreams a reality the launcher also comes amid a new wave of public spats between Moscow and the U. S. securities and exchange commission the S. E. C.'s Austin Manhattan court to hold mosque in contempt they say a favorite tweet by the CEO about Tesla's production volumes violated a fraud settlement between Moscow and the SEC over another tweet about taking the company private from last year Moscow cute in a public filing this week he's Fabry nineteen twenty complied with the conditions of the settlement