FIRST AIRED: February 28, 2019

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moments before president trump's dinner with north Korean dictator Kim Jong hoon in Hanoi on Wednesday for members of the White House press pool were suddenly disinvited from the historic event it was a rare reversal of protocol and came after two of the reporters ask questions of trump during his initial interactions with Kim one of them was Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason , yeah Mason says that shortly after White House press secretary Sarah Sanders excluded him and three other journalists from the trump Kim dinner today I asked the question of president trump during his meeting with Kim Jong on of North Korea asked two questions actually and one of the questions that I asked was whether he had backed off from demanding full nuclear denuclearization from Kim Jong on one of the questions that my colleague from the A. P. asked was for a reaction to the testimony by Michael Cole and , those aren't necessarily comfortable questions %HESITATION particularly when you're abroad but it's our job to ask them and it's possible that he was upset about those questions and requested that his press secretary Sarah Sanders keep us from doing it again The Washington Post quoted Sanders a saying before correspondents were excluded later from covering the dinner because of what she said were quote sensitivities over shouted questions in the previous events the AP reporter asked about Cohen trump's former lawyer shortly after the release of excerpts from Collins prepared remarks to Congress critical of trump trump accuses Colin of lying both Reuters the Associated Press oppose the journalists ban in Hanoi with Reuters issuing a statement saying quote we believe it is essential that government provide access to and the ability to ask questions of officials and hold them to account the U. S. government historically has upheld the rights of journalists when the president travels abroad I think that during the years of the trump presidency there's been a lot of attention paid to the relationship between the White House in the press the president has said things like the press is the an enemy of the American people which are egregious egregious things that we have to fight back against I always like to mention it when I was president correspondence association I did this to that access under president trump has been very good but today's an example and there are others of times when journalists have been excluded because of doing something or asking a question or doing %HESITATION you do broaching the topic that people at the White House did not like and that's not acceptable Sanders said the reporting tool for the dinner was limited to a smaller group because the quote the sensitive nature of the meetings but would work to make sure the U. S. media has as much access as possible