FIRST AIRED: February 28, 2019

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apple secretive self driving car division is going to be hit with layoffs I'm Stephen Ellis with writers in San Francisco apple on Wednesday confirmed that about a hundred and ninety employees are going to be laid off in a few weeks from its self driving car project called project Titan what the company has talked about its interest in self driving vehicles broadly they have never said exactly what they're doing except for releasing a few research papers about %HESITATION self driving software is also disclosing how many miles the driven on the road which was a lot more in two thousand eighteen than it was in two thousand seventeen but what they've never said is whether they actually plan to build a full car or just the sensors and computer systems and software to control full car we got a few more hints today in the kind of positions that apple is laying off they disclose that they're gonna lay off more than forty hardware engineers %HESITATION more than two dozen software engineers and then a couple of really interesting positions as well and ergonomics engineer product design engineers in at least one machine shop supervisor although we don't know if that machine shop was making things like automotive parts or just the smaller house ins and things for computers and sensors that they would need to engineer %HESITATION along with them however what we don't know is where apple had struck here after these layoffs these appear to be the first big change implemented by a relatively new executive named Doug field who had been an apple for a long time went to Tesla to oversee its engineering operations but last year it came back to apple so this shake up appears to be one of Doug fields first big moves in is also part of some broader moves that apple has been making early this year as the iPhone kind of hits maturity and the company turns toward services and other new areas including self driving cars